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Floyd Mayweather Hits a Times Square Bank

Floyd Mayweather’s TMT SUVs rolled up in front of the Chase Bank at 3 Times Square this afternoon.  Cops didn’t know about it and quickly ticketed the vehicles.  A huge crowd of people quickly gathered.  Tourists had difficulty getting by.  Floyd left the bank after approx 20 mins, wearing a white hoodie so you could barely see his face.


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Apple Store Fifth Ave Renovations

Apple has begun renovations and temporarily moved it’s Fifth Ave New York City store to the old FAO Schwartz building (which is behind it).

Over the coming weeks, workers are going to completely dig up the area surrounding Steve Job’s glass cube.  If you’ve ever been in the store, you’ve noticed the ceilings are very low.  The renovations consist of digging the floor three feet deeper and expanding the back of the store into what is currently a parking garage.

The renovations will take over two years…which means that tourists and nearby employees will need to find a new place to eat lunch.

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RIP Jimmy Superfly Snuka

Here are photos of when I saw the WWF and Jimmy Superfly Snuka at Brendan Byrne Arena in East Rutherford, New Jersey circa 1985.

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Person Pushed in Front of 1 Train Times Square


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Apple Store Menlo Park New Jersey Mall Grand Re-Opening

Today, I attended the grand re-opening of the Apple Store in the Menlo Park Mall of Edison, New Jersey.  They moved the store from it’s small footprint on the 2nd floor to a bigger location on the first.

Employees did the typical countdown, BUT they had no free swag.  Usually, they have shirts.  This is the first re-opening I’ve attended where they had nothing.  Only a couple dozen people attended so it probably wasn’t worth it.

Store looks great.  It has one of the huge LED screens in the back.  This may be the first mall store with such an expensive screen.  This store is also the first store to have pivoting doors.  They all open at the same time (well, all, but two which required a push).  Pretty dope!

** Please take note that I will no longer be supplying content to the AppleInsider site because it’s featured writer, Daniel Eran Dilger, turned it into a liberal rag mag.

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Apple iPhone 7 New York City Launch

We were on-hand for the massive iPhone 7 launch in New York City Friday.  There was a huge media presence at the Fifth Ave store.  And WPLJ-FM was handing out smoothies.

At Grand Central terminal, the line was in the Apple store upstairs, rather than clogging the main floor during rush hour.


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Twisted Sister on Fox and Friends Entire Concert

Twisted Sister were on Fox and Friends Friday morning promoting their DVD and their final tour.  They only have one date left in the New York area, October 1st in Lakewood, New Jersey.

Fans, including me, got to Fox News bright and early today.  They came on stage shortly after 8am and performed until around 9:15am.  Dee Snider and Twisted Sister were amazing. This is most likely their last TV appearance.

The Fox News hosts are used to country bands performing.  They appeared to be in shock when they heard Burn in Hell and SMF.

We filmed the entire show.  Enjoy!

  1. I Wanna Rock
  2. The Kids are Back
  3. Shoot ’em Down
  4. Burn in Hell
  5. The Price + Interview on Fox
  6. We’re Not Gonna Take It

Show After the Show

7. You Can’t Stop Rock ‘n’ Roll and SMF – Note: Fox wouldn’t let Dee use curse words so the crowd had to help out.

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MCA Day 2016 was Beyond Awesome

Today, Littlefield Brooklyn hosted the 5th annual tribute to the late Beastie Boys member Adam ‘MCA’ Yauch. Organizer, Michael Kearney and the rest of the MCA Day crew truly outdid themselves this year.

It was art, it was celebs, it was music, it was a party, it was a touching tribute to the great Adam Yauch.  Cablevision News12 was there covering it.

Jim Shearer (MTV/VH1, The Brouhaha podcast) belted out some major Beastie Boys tunes along with Jeremy Shatan (The Young Aborigines, yes Mike D and Yauch’s first band) on bass and Lyle Preslar (Minor Threat) on guitar.  Side note: It’s pretty interesting that these punk musicians became a director at a hospital (Jeremy) and a lawyer (Lyle).

The legendary Champagne Jerry later came out and did a few songs with them, as well as some on his own.  Jerry is larger-than-life and often performs at Joe’s Pub with Ad-Rock, in the village. I highly recommend going.

Neil Usatan of Oscilloscope wore his lab coat on stage while he recalled fond memories of Adam Yauch.

Surprise guest, Santigold, performed some of her songs.

Beastie Boys artist, Cey Adams, returned this year to thank everyone for coming.  He’s been to every MCA Day, including the first.

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I was Live at the Grand Opening of the Apple Store World Trade Center New York City

At 8am, I arrived at the site of Westfield’s Oculus/World Trade Center mall for both the mall’s grand opening, as well as for the grand opening of the new Apple Store.  All the stores which had finished being constructed were set to open at 12pm.

There were two people standing outside the store (3 including me), creating a makeshift line.  I expected to see a massive line like I had seen two weeks earlier at the opening of Williamsburg, Brooklyn store.  Then again, this is the financial district on a Tuesday.  Everyone in that area is at work.   And the mall was still under major construction.

At 9am, there were 10 people standing in front of the store.  The same awesome security company that Apple always uses was there with the same number of guards.  Apple staffers seemed devastated by the small turnout.

Security relocated us to an official waiting area far, far away from the store front.  We were down a set of stairs, past the Path train.  We stood by a ladder which the mall was using to replace lights.

At 10am, it was like magic.  The line started to grow, not just with mall people, but with diehard Apple fans.  Security handed out paper tickets to make sure people didn’t cut the line.

At 11am, the line was longer than I could see.  Hundreds of people.

At 11:50am, security escorted the first 20 of us closer to the store.  They took our tickets and then carefully led us to the entrance of the Apple store.  The mall was packed.  The Apple store itself was absolutely packed with Apple Store employees.  I’ve never seen so many.

Security was super-concerned about people cutting the line so they created a human wall to protect the integrity of our line.  Note: there were no metal barricades.  They were concerned it wasn’t enough so security asked 50 or so Apple Store employees to help out.  It was like Apple’s own version of hands-across-America.

There were a lot of people eyeing up the line because they wanted to rush it when the doors opened.

Twelve noon came and went because Westfield (the mall’s management company) had execs touring the mall and the CEO had a ribbon-cutting ceremony.  By the way, you’ll notice one of the Westfield execs was wearing a Coke can dress.

At 12:10pm, the CEO finished and Apple started their countdown.  Everyone received a black Apple shirt with pink lettering.  I went to the second floor.  Shortly thereafter, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Apple Retail, Angela Ahrendts, came upstairs.  Most people didn’t recognize her, but once they did, she was surrounded.  She spoke with people for fifteen minutes and was very personable.  When the crowd around her became too much, she exited via a hidden back elevator.

Had a lot of fun, met a lot of great people in line and in the store.  No, I don’t know if anyone was able to penetrate the human wall.

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Rest in Peace Fyvush Finkel

Here are two pix I snuck of Fyvush Finkel when I saw him walking around 3rd ave in 2012.

Rest in Peace.

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