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Ron Gallagher and Impractical Jokers at Bergen PAC

Saw Ron Gallagher last night at Bergen PAC.  Spotted Brian Quinn and Sal Vulcano from Impractical Jokers in the lobby.  They were there to interview Gallagher for their @WhatSayYouPod podcast.  Gallagher didn’t seem to know who they were and was wondering why they were getting mobbed by fans.

I sat second row, center.  The jokers were right orchestra, fifth row.  There were also two girls with shirts that had Gallagher on the front and What Say You on the back.  The girls were so annoying.  They kept getting up to go for beers and kept bringing the show to a halt.  There were fifty podcast fans there.  They follow Sal and Brian when they have this outings.
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Gallagher plugged the podcast throughout the show.

Brian and Sal wouldn’t keep quiet.  They kept shouting things out and tried to get a chant going with an obscure reference from their television show, “Let’s Go Sexy.”  It was like a Harlem movie theater.

Gallagher was great, as always.  Quick, analytical wit and a messy grand finale…watermelons and all.  Gallagher referenced the fact that this is his last tour and thinks he’ll be dead soon.  He also referred to the videos online of his past on-stage heart attacks.  However, he was still using the Sledge-o-Matic even though his doctors told him no to.

Ron Gallagher says he’s been writing songs and wants to pitch them to Gloria Estefan when he plays their Miami theater this month.  This song is about the Ten Commandments.


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