Toys R Us Corporate Campus Drive Through and Liquidation Sale

Greedy, evil financiers took out a $5 billion loan to purchase the best toy store that ever was and ever will be, Toys R Us.  There was no way Toys R Us would be able to repay this loan.  It was designed to fail and it did.

At present, they are liquidating everything in their Wayne, New Jersey corporate campus.  I decided to take a drive through the campus. The place is massive and beautiful.  It’s located on a lake and is an animal sanctuary of sorts.  The building is so big that there are maps inside so people don’t get lost.

The company they hired to liquidate has been clearing out offices as people leave the company.  They keep finding stuff in closets and whatnot.  Mostly junk.  I saw them trying to sell a pair of boots someone left under their desk.  No bargains.

Must have been a neat place to work with all those toys around.

Employees from around the world have been taking road trips to possibly obtain any keepsake of the company to which they dedicated their lives.

The liquidation was supposed to be finished by the end of June, but it has been extended into July.

Here is video of the drive through, as well as some photos from the sale.  The sale actually takes place in the cafeteria.

As a Toys R Us kid, this is absolutely heartbreaking.  I hope they don’t build condos.

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