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Jumper Makes a Splash on Broadway

Shortly after lunch today, NYPD got a report that someone spotted a body behind the ‘Ripley’s Believe it or Not’ billboard on New York’s 42nd street.  I gathered my facts from bystanders on the street, as well as facts from the Daily News.

The Daily News claims that on Tuesday someone saw a person jump, hit the Ripley’s sign and fall behind it.  They also claim they’ve been looking for the jumper for two days.  I suspect they got their facts wrong.

Story I got was that someone spotted the body behind the sign today, the Hilton hotel checked the security camera, saw that the person had jumped Tuesday.

Police offers draped a black sheet to block the view from onlookers.

In October, a man tried to jump from this very same observation deck, but ultimately negotiators talked him off the ledge.  No idea if this is the same person they found today.

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Christmas on Manhattan 2014

The lights are up and the music is pumping at Christmas on Manhattan.  No, not Manhattan, New York.  Manhattan Ave in Waldwick, New Jersey.

Every year, the family sets up an awesome Christmas light display.  It’s probably the best in Bergen County.  Tune your radio to their home pirate radio station and enjoy watching the lights blink in harmony.

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Celebrity Apprentice at Pie Face in New York #CELEBRITYAPPRENTICE

Here are photos I took at Pie Face on 7th Avenue in New York City on March 25th 2014.  It was super cold out, but it didn’t affect Gilbert Gottfried’s humor.  He entertained the crowd for hours.  Lots of famous and/or rich people showed up to donate money.

In the photos and videos, you can see most of these contestants.

Jamie Anderson
Johnny Damon
Vivica A. Fox
Leeza Gibbons
Brandi Glanville
Kate Gosselin
Gilbert Gottfried
Sig Hansen
Kevin Jonas
Shawn Johnson
Lorenzo Lamas
Kenya Moore
Terrell Owens
Keshia Knight Pulliam
Geraldo Rivera
Ian Ziering

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