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Judas Priest’s Heavy Metal Hard Rock Arrival @judaspriest @eddietrunk @HardRockCafeNYC

It’s Judas Priest week here in New York City.  They’ve been doing tons of promotion for their new album Redeemer of Souls (released today), but nothing tops what I saw today.

The Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square gave fans the chance to meet Judas Priest and get their new CD signed.

There were certain rules to follow:

  1. Fans must buy the CD from the FYE makeshift store (a table essentially) on 43rd street at 4PM.
  2. Only the first 500 fans that buy a CD will get a wristband, which allows them to come back at 6:30PM to have the CD signed.
  3. Fans could not start waiting before, I think, 3PM.
  4. They will not sign anything else.
  5. They will be signing from 6:30-8PM.
  6. They will not pose for photographs.

When I got out there at 4PM, there were already 500 people lined up halfway down 43rd.  When I came back at 5:30PM, it was an adrenalin packed party.  The Unknown Bikers, a Brooklyn-based motorcycle club was there, as well as tons of Priest fans.  In addition, there were a dozen radio contest winners who got to have their CDs signed first.

At around 5:40PM, The bikers vanished.  Then at 6:10PM, I heard someone tell security that they were on their way.  At 6:15PM,  the Harley’s returned, barreling down 43rd, escorting Judas Priest in a classic Cadillac.

There was lots of press there, as well as onlookers who had no idea who they were photographing.



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