Monthly Archives: February 2016

I Guess this Guy Doesn’t Like Candy

Last Friday, I was walking back from lunch and I see this nut job (let’s call him Candy Hater) knocking candy all over the 42nd Street sidewalk. The poor Indian owner of the newspaper stand kept yelling “Stop It!,” but he wouldn’t stop.

In the video, you see some woman buy something while all this is going on. It didn’t faze her at all. But hey, this is New York City.

Candy Hater noticed me filming which got him to stop. He started following me. Then, we got face-to-face. Candy Hater repeatedly told me to delete my video, “you faggot ass niggar.”

After a few seconds, he got tired of yelling and walked away…walked away in and out of moving traffic.

There wasn’t a single cop to be found on one of the most tourist-filled spots in the world.

Thanks to Mayor Bill DeBlasio for nothing.

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