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Tim Cook and Other Apple Execs at Fifth Avenue Grand Reopening

Today, some of Apple’s top brass (Tim Cook, Phil Schiller, Greg Joswiak and Deirdre O’Brien) were on-hand for the grand reopening of the Apple Fifth Avenue store in New York City.  It’s also the launch day of the iPhone 11. I’ve never seen Schiller and Joswiak at an East Coast Apple Store so this was a rare appearance. They spoke briefly with reporters before entering the store via one of the two new side entranceways.  I never saw them again.

Tim Cook greeted people in line.  He was super-friendly and charismatic.  He and Deirdre opened the doors when the phone went on sale at 8am.  I later saw him in the store posing for selfies and having conversations with fans/customers.

Deirdre was in the store speaking with customers all day.  She genuinely cares about the retail operations.  And apparently she likes dogs (see below).

The new store is beautiful.  There are hypoallergenic trees which each originated from the same tree (an employee told me).  Off to the side is an Experience Room.  It’s one of only three in the world.  It simulates a room in your home so you can hear accurate acoustics. You sit on couches positioned in front of HomePod speakers and a flat screen television.

When I left, there was still a long line.  I haven’t seen a line this long for a product launch in years.  Later that afternoon, I went to the Grand Central store.  Equally long line.

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