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Apple Tice’s Corner Store Has Officially Reopened

After several months of renovations, one of the original Apple Stores, Tice’s Corner, has officially reopened. The doors opened sharply at 10am after a brief countdown.

This Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey store features the first Apple AirTag display. It will act as a prototype for other stores.

There was no free SWAG at this reopening.

Other highlights:

  1. Ceilings are covered in fabric to reduce noise.
  2. iPhone case drawers resemble bank vault drawers. They were first featured at Apple Upper East Side (because it used to be a bank).
  3. Arcade display is interactive. Touch each app screen to see a demo and scan a QR code to download the app.
  4. Tables in the far back are used for presentations. The tables actually exude sound from the center so you can always hear the person presenting.
  5. There are two tables for genius bar appointments. The tables use heat recognition to open the outlet panel. Swipe your hand next to the panel to open and close (see video).
  6. Front doors are now automatic.
  7. There is a pickup area on the back wall.
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