MCA Day 2014 Promo Comes to Union Square @mcadaynyc @dannyboy1968 @beastieboys @mrchuckd @ceyadams

Today, Michael Kearny and company kicked off MCA Day 2014 with a special promotion in New York City’s Union Square.  MCA Day regulars from around the world, including Danny Boy from House of Pain and Coka Nostra waited in anticipation.

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Then, at a little after 12pm, break dancing monks appeared. Their crew performed some kick ass moves.  Watch below.

MCA Day 2014 takes place tomorrow (Saturday) at Littlefield in Brooklyn.  Celebrate the Life of Adam Yauch. This will be the third annual MCA Day.  The first one was impromptu and took place in Union Square shortly after Adam Yauch’s death.  Last year’s was also in Littlefield.

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