David Letterman Set Teardown Day 3

Today (Tuesday) marks day 3 of the teardown of David Letterman’s set at the Ed Sullivan Theater.  There was speculation that the marquee would be taken down today, but it was not.  Possibly, later this week.  I’ll keep a lookout.

The demo crew instead worked on removing the spiral staircase (as seen on tv), emptying the basement and offices.  Most, if not all, of the office furniture was trashed.

The security was pretty tight.  They yell at everyone that stops too long at the dumpsters.  Some items I spotted…box of prop body parts, random lighting, a list of all employees (including David Letterman and Vinnie Favale as heard on the Howard Stern Show) and their extensions taped to one of the desks, brand new unused towels with tags, whiffle balls.  In addition, there was a laundry cart full of prop sports equipment.  One security guard was nice and gave a cue card to a guy that been hanging out there for days.  Same guy had witnessed valuable antique furniture being trashed.

This past Friday night the demolition crew members were seen loading up their cars with items they had set aside.  The pieces are fetching a crazy high premium on eBay.

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