R.I.P. Lemmy Kilmister (1945-2015) Here’s Motorhead NYC 2012

Saw Motorhead at Megadeth’s Gigantour January 2012 at The Theater at Madison Square Garden, New York City.  Awesome show.  Glad I got to see Lemmy annihilate.



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Crazy Guy Yells at Good Day New York News Crew at Star Wars Opening

This is great. Anna Gilligan and the camera man are in the Fox News Good Day New York van covering the Star Wars release at the AMC Theatre on 42nd Street. Crazy guy starts screaming at them about I don’t know what.

Anna, who was tweeting, waved hello thinking he was a fan. Then she was trying to wave him away. He got more hostile as he was smoking his cigarette. He demanded to be let in the van.

Ultimately, they shut the van door and Anna hid in the back until he left.

There wasn’t a single cop around…even though it’s a popular street and this was a high profile film release.

Welcome to New York City.

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Apple iPhone 6s Fifth Avenue Release

We were at Apple’s Fifth Avenue flagship store Friday morning for the launch of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. Massive crowd. Not as much much press as last year because the major networks were covering the pope. Only crazy story is some weird guy was trying to get an Apple Store employee to relay an idea for an invention to Tim Cook.

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Updated2: PSEG Substation Fire Waldwick New Jersey

At 10am today, the PSEG substation in Waldwick New Jersey exploded.  Many of surrounding streets and towns have been evacuated.

Foam truck arrived, but when I left was still struggling to get it under control.

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AC/DC Sets MetLife Stadium on Fire

Great show last night at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.  Now, I can cross this off my bucket list.

Even the closest seats feel far away so here is what I was able to capture.

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Al Roker Discusses Storm of the Century

Al Roker of NBC’s Today Show was in Bryant Park, New York City today promoting his new book, Storm of the Century.  He road his bicycle to the event.

He spoke of this infamous hurricane and participated in a Q&A session.  It was very educational.

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Cops Not Tolerating This Guy’s Jenks

This guy was arrested for stealing money from Jenkinson’s Pavilion in Point Pleasant, New Jersey this past Saturday night.  He was calm at first, but then started cursing out the police officers.

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Colin Quinn Reads his New Book in Bryant Park

Colin Quinn was in New York City’s Bryant Park today reading an excerpt from his new book, The Coloring Book.  Colin chose to read the chapter about Jim Norton and their USO visit to Iraq.  It was really funny.

Afterwards, he had a Q&A session.  He unofficially announced that his sold out off-broadway play is coming to Broadway.  He answered stories about Jerry Seinfeld, why his Eric the Midget Taxi Driver script was never recorded by the Stern Show and spoke to a guy with whom he went to college.

Dave Itzkoff did a great job hosted the event.

All is captured in the video below.


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Good Morning New York City

Yesterday, I get off the train at New York Penn Station, walk a couple blocks and see this bum barfing yellow chunks into a street puddle (7th and 35th).

I don’t know what’s worse…him puking or me watching him.  I feel like Jeff the Vomit Guy from the Howard Stern Show…well, maybe not that bad.

It’s been raining for days so the yellow puddle is still there.


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Visit to Saturday Night Live The Exhibition

Today, we visited Saturday Night Live The Exhibition.  I knew it would be good, but not this good.  Tons of costumes, mold, props, simulated show experience hosted by Tina Feye.  Nothing I say can fully describe the well thought-out details put into the layout.  It’s super high-tech.

Attached to the gift shop is the Weekend Update studio.  They take your photo and you go to a computer to select which news host you’d like superimposed next to you.

If you purchased the tickets through one of the coupon sites, your ticket also includes $10 towards your gift shop purchase.  In addition, they hand out buy-one, get-one half-off coups in Times Square.

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