Vote for Kid Kelly #WIN5000VOTEKID

I started listening to Kid Kelly on Z-100 when I was in High School.

His show was fantastic.  It was a big party.  Little did I know that it was just Kid Kelly and one other guy (Tom) in a tiny studio in the swamps of Secaucus, New Jersey.

I called in every night to request a song for the nightly countdown.  He must have liked me because he used me night after night.  He actually had me change my name and location so people wouldn’t realize it was this same kid again.

He made me want to become a Disc Jockey.  He quickly corrected me.  “Anyone can be a disc jockey. I’m an air personality.”  Kid was right.  There was no one out there like him.

Kid was the number one show in New York City.  He was the highest paid air personality in New York City…the number one market.  

He was the hardest working man in radio. 

Kid soon had a syndicated radio show Backtrax USA which could be heard around the world.  He explained to me that he put “USA” because other countries love American entertainment.

I never went into radio.  Never became an Air Personality.  We’ve kept in touch over the years.  He’s a nice guy and always willing to offer advice.

Kid Kelly has been nominated for the Radio Hall of Fame.  Voting starts June 4th.  It’s a fan vote so let’s all vote.

To sweeten the pot he’s offering a $5k prize.


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Murr of Impractical Jokers at Red Lobster

James Murray from Impractical Jokers was at Red Lobster in Times Square today.  Murr was hired by the company to promote their Lobsterfest.  He gave away gift cards, jokers bobble heads, action figures, his book and stickers.  In addition, he took selfies with anyone that wanted one. If you had gotten there early and were seated, Red Lobster comp’d your meal.  He was there for 3 hours.

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NJ Transit Needs to be Gutted

100 mins on broken train with no AC, no seat, darkness, poor communication devices used by mechanics.  And AT&T has no coverage in the tunnels.

IMG_2804 (5)

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Apple Store Opens in Downtown Brooklyn

At 10am this morning, Apple opened it’s second Brooklyn location.  ‘Downtown Brooklyn’ is located directly next to the Barclays center.  The place is beautiful.  There were 50 people on line at 8am, but by 10am the line was around the block.

Didn’t notice any upper management Apple employees on hand.  Whereas, Angela Ahrendts was at the World Trade Center Oculus opening.

The usual private security firm was there.  They’ve been using the same company for as long as I can remember.  I recognize the faces.

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Floyd Mayweather Hits a Times Square Bank

Floyd Mayweather’s TMT SUVs rolled up in front of the Chase Bank at 3 Times Square this afternoon.  Cops didn’t know about it and quickly ticketed the vehicles.  A huge crowd of people quickly gathered.  Tourists had difficulty getting by.  Floyd left the bank after approx 20 mins, wearing a white hoodie so you could barely see his face.


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Apple Store Fifth Ave Renovations

Apple has begun renovations and temporarily moved it’s Fifth Ave New York City store to the old FAO Schwartz building (which is behind it).

Over the coming weeks, workers are going to completely dig up the area surrounding Steve Job’s glass cube.  If you’ve ever been in the store, you’ve noticed the ceilings are very low.  The renovations consist of digging the floor three feet deeper and expanding the back of the store into what is currently a parking garage.

The renovations will take over two years…which means that tourists and nearby employees will need to find a new place to eat lunch.

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RIP Jimmy Superfly Snuka

Here are photos of when I saw the WWF and Jimmy Superfly Snuka at Brendan Byrne Arena in East Rutherford, New Jersey circa 1985.

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Girl on New Years Shuttle Bus Wants to be F*cked Raw

On New Years, I was on a shuttle bus going to and from a brewpub.  Young girls and their boyfriends got on.  The one girl, Katie from Philly, sounded like a drunken sailer.  Her boyfriend was embarrassed and kept telling her to shut up.

Then, out of nowhere, a girl behind us said she wishes she didn’t have her period.

Good times.

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Person Pushed in Front of 1 Train Times Square


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Apple Store Menlo Park New Jersey Mall Grand Re-Opening

Today, I attended the grand re-opening of the Apple Store in the Menlo Park Mall of Edison, New Jersey.  They moved the store from it’s small footprint on the 2nd floor to a bigger location on the first.

Employees did the typical countdown, BUT they had no free swag.  Usually, they have shirts.  This is the first re-opening I’ve attended where they had nothing.  Only a couple dozen people attended so it probably wasn’t worth it.

Store looks great.  It has one of the huge LED screens in the back.  This may be the first mall store with such an expensive screen.  This store is also the first store to have pivoting doors.  They all open at the same time (well, all, but two which required a push).  Pretty dope!

** Please take note that I will no longer be supplying content to the AppleInsider site because it’s featured writer, Daniel Eran Dilger, turned it into a liberal rag mag.

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