David Letterman Set Teardown Day 4

Today consisted of random things from the offices, rubber chicken signed by David Letterman, baseballs, party supplies, pool inflatables, Late Show coffee mugs (which were too far to reach), gumball machines.  The remaining pieces of office furniture were brought to the street and crushed by a garbage truck.

The offices were completely empty including the BYE signs that had been put in the windows.

Highlight of my day was the megaphone used by Bill Murray in the April 2014 show with Lady Gaga and Martha Stewart.  Bill was a surprise guest who brought Gaga down 53rd street.


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David Letterman Set Teardown Day 3

Today (Tuesday) marks day 3 of the teardown of David Letterman’s set at the Ed Sullivan Theater.  There was speculation that the marquee would be taken down today, but it was not.  Possibly, later this week.  I’ll keep a lookout.

The demo crew instead worked on removing the spiral staircase (as seen on tv), emptying the basement and offices.  Most, if not all, of the office furniture was trashed.

The security was pretty tight.  They yell at everyone that stops too long at the dumpsters.  Some items I spotted…box of prop body parts, random lighting, a list of all employees (including David Letterman and Vinnie Favale as heard on the Howard Stern Show) and their extensions taped to one of the desks, brand new unused towels with tags, whiffle balls.  In addition, there was a laundry cart full of prop sports equipment.  One security guard was nice and gave a cue card to a guy that been hanging out there for days.  Same guy had witnessed valuable antique furniture being trashed.

This past Friday night the demolition crew members were seen loading up their cars with items they had set aside.  The pieces are fetching a crazy high premium on eBay.

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David Letterman Set Teardown Day 2

On Friday, the aggressive teardown of the David Letterman set at the Ed Sullivan Theater continued.  In the morning, Paul Shaffer’s Late Show Band’s set was been sliced into pieces using a jigsaw so it could fit in the dumpster.   Meanwhile, crews started bringing in building supplies to begin work on Stephen Colbert’s set.

By late afternoon, the studio was empty.  You couldn’t even tell the Letterman show once filmed there.  Employees were still packing up their keepsakes.  Very sad.

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David Letterman Set Teardown

The David Letterman show wasted no time dismantling Dave’s set.  Some items were packed up and put on Moishe moving trucks.  Shockingly, they threw out the city scape that was seen behind Dave every night.  Why didn’t they donate it to charity or to a museum?

They also threw out every seat in the Ed Sullivan theatre.  I guess there will be new seats for Stephen Colbert.  I hear Joey Boots fetched one.

Businessmen in suits spent the afternoon dumpster-diving.

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Final Episode of Late Show with David Letterman Celebrity Arrivals

It’s a sad, sad day in New York City.  David Letterman goes off the air tonight.

Today, we captured the onslaught of celebrity arrivals for the final taping.

Chris Rock, Steve Martin, Peyton Manning, Jim Carrey, Barbara Walters, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Tina Fey, Jerry Seinfeld.

The after party was at the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA).

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DMC Joins Jackyl at Starland Ballroom @jessejackyl @THEKINGDMC @eddietrunk @starlandNJ

Friday night, Sayreville, New Jersey’s Starland Ballroom hosted That Metal Show Live.  It’s not televised.  It’s a chance for Don Jamieson and Jim Florentine to perform stand-up and for Eddie Trunk to tell stories, as well as for fans to Stump the Trunk.

All three of them interviewed Jesse James Dupree (Jackyl frontman).  Afterwards, Jackyl was scheduled to perform a full show.

During the interview, they mentioned that a special guest who lives nearby will be coming out to perform with Jackyl.  Shortly after 11PM, Jesse welcomed Darryl McDaniels, DMC of RUN DMC.  DMC has recorded at Jesse’s recording studio and has performed at the Full Throttle Saloon in Sturgis.

DMC and Jackyl busted out awesome, super-rocked-out versions of the RUN DMC classics It’s Tricky and Walk this Way. Who knew Jesse could rap?!?!

Jackyl performed past midnight.  This was a great show!

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Jumper Makes a Splash on Broadway

Shortly after lunch today, NYPD got a report that someone spotted a body behind the ‘Ripley’s Believe it or Not’ billboard on New York’s 42nd street.  I gathered my facts from bystanders on the street, as well as facts from the Daily News.

The Daily News claims that on Tuesday someone saw a person jump, hit the Ripley’s sign and fall behind it.  They also claim they’ve been looking for the jumper for two days.  I suspect they got their facts wrong.

Story I got was that someone spotted the body behind the sign today, the Hilton hotel checked the security camera, saw that the person had jumped Tuesday.

Police offers draped a black sheet to block the view from onlookers.

In October, a man tried to jump from this very same observation deck, but ultimately negotiators talked him off the ledge.  No idea if this is the same person they found today.

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Christmas on Manhattan 2014

The lights are up and the music is pumping at Christmas on Manhattan.  No, not Manhattan, New York.  Manhattan Ave in Waldwick, New Jersey.

Every year, the family sets up an awesome Christmas light display.  It’s probably the best in Bergen County.  Tune your radio to their home pirate radio station and enjoy watching the lights blink in harmony.

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Celebrity Apprentice at Pie Face in New York #CELEBRITYAPPRENTICE

Here are photos I took at Pie Face on 7th Avenue in New York City on March 25th 2014.  It was super cold out, but it didn’t affect Gilbert Gottfried’s humor.  He entertained the crowd for hours.  Lots of famous and/or rich people showed up to donate money.

In the photos and videos, you can see most of these contestants.

Jamie Anderson
Johnny Damon
Vivica A. Fox
Leeza Gibbons
Brandi Glanville
Kate Gosselin
Gilbert Gottfried
Sig Hansen
Kevin Jonas
Shawn Johnson
Lorenzo Lamas
Kenya Moore
Terrell Owens
Keshia Knight Pulliam
Geraldo Rivera
Ian Ziering

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ACDC Rock or Bust Listening Party

Columbia Records and AC/DC did a really cool thing.  They had a listening party for their new album, Rock or Bust, which doesn’t even come out for two weeks.  Anyone who signed up on the TicketWeb site got into the event (which was at Webster Hall in NYC) for free.

Everyone also received free Bud Lite beer, an AC/DC Rock or Bust t-shirt and a collectible laminate. There were also contests for signed posters, tattoos and a signed electric guitar.  Unfortunately, there was no food.  People had been waiting since 3pm.  We were starved.

Gary Baba Booey Dell’Abate from the Howard Stern Show did a great job hosting, although he seemed really nervous.

They showed a film about the making of the music video, played every album track and later on Angus Young, Brian Johnson and their record producer, Brendan O’Brian came out to speak about the album.  They were very difficult to understand.

Other than the tool that hit me in the head/soaked me with his beer, it was a great night.

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